11 weeks postpartum workout with baby by new mum @ourfitfamilylife [video]


Certified personal trainer and new mum Julie Baird aka @ourfitfamilylife is a pre and post natal fitness specialist in Los Angeles, CA. Julie believes that an active, healthy lifestyle is one of the greatest gifts that parents can share with their child and that being fit and active with a young family isn’t impossible, it just requires a bit of planning and creative problem solving.

Watch Julie working out with 11 week old Noa in the video below. Lovely!

As a new mom, we have much less time to exercise and take care of ourselves. However it’s NOT impossible. Working out doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym for an hour. Simply playing with your baby you can squeeze in an effective, FAST, and fun workout. Here’s Noa’s very first workout with me ☺️He is still tiny and doesn’t hold his head very well yet so we went for a very gentle workout together. Glad you can’t hear me sing to him 🎶🙈 Always use common sense when working out with your little one – baby’s safety comes first! #11weekspostpartum . . . . . . #fitmom #fitmoms #postpartumfitness #postbabybody #befitvideos #exerciseguide #fitgirlvideos #fitnessforall #girlyexercises #gymvideos #fitgirlsguide #igexercises #gym_videos #homeexercises #homeworkouts_4u #workoutvideo #instagramfitness #fithealthyworkouts #postbaby #postpartumbelly #partnerworkout #baby

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