6 ways I’ve changed since becoming a mother by @bybrittanynoonan


Brittany is a 27 year old fashion loving mum to 18 month old Millie. She is a personal trainer, gym owner and blogger living in Gold Coast, Australia.

Brittany is an inspiration to other mothers and regularly blogs about lifestyle, motherhood and fitness.

Here’s how motherhood has changed Brittany…

1. I am more confident with who I am as person, my body and my purpose in life – I’ve always been a determined person but now I know where I want to be.

2. I don’t care what others think of me. If you don’t like me, that’s your loss – I’m actually a good person, friend and sometimes I’m pretty funny (the funny part not guaranteed ). As you can see from my (Instagram) page I’m very open and honest with every aspect of who I am so take me as I am or carry on! Pre baby my whole existence felt like I was worried what others thought of me!

3. I am always late even though I own 25 watches and I pretty much have my phone glued to me 24/7 which also tells the time. Pre baby I was always early and would get annoyed when others were late or took too long to get ready.

4. I loose and forget EVERYTHING. Keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses, my bag, my child (jokes) – everything! I have the shortest memory, I put something down and instantly forget where I put it. I don’t remember what happened yesterday and I forget to write back to texts (sorry friends) and emails or return phone calls constantly. This was not me pre baby – I would have annoyed the crap out of myself.

5. I can drink a sh*t load of wine and coffee. Pre baby I was a half strength or decaf girl because it kept me awake all night and two glasses of wine would put me to sleep #mumlife! (thanks child).

6. I love my body. Not just because of its appearance (which I am more than comfortable with these days) but I now have a deep appreciation for it – if it can produce a beautiful little, healthy human through what It went through during pregnancy then it must be pretty amazing which is why I try my hardest to look after myself everyday with healthy food & exercise!

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