6 ways I’ve changed since becoming a mother by @lisaforsterowen


Lisa is a 40 something year old mum to 10 month old Izzy Willow. She runs a marketing company in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK and lives with husband Michael, dogs Colin (Border Collie), Frank (Bichon Frise) and cats Charlie, Aaron, Mickey Chips and Sneech.

Lisa enjoys keeping fit, swimming with Izzy, spending time with Michael, occasionally baking and watching a good thriller on TV with a glass (or two!) of red wine.

Here’s how motherhood has changed Lisa…

1. I’m very aware of my own mortality. I fear leaving Izobel without a mum if (when) anything happens to me. That’s the worst feeling in the world.

2. I’ve discovered I’m actually able to function reasonably well on very little sleep… which surprises me as before I was pregnant I’d get really grumpy if I was woken by the dogs or outdoor noise or street parties during the night.

3. Patience! I was always quite a patient person before but now I have the patience of a saint! I need it as it’s frequently tested and I’m sure it’s only going to get tested to the max as she grows into an independant toddler with her own little mind.

4. I’m a role model now for our little girl and everything I do she will emulate. We’ve even bought a dining table so we can all sit down and eat as a family which we haven’t done in 11 years!

5. Where does the time go! What did I do with all my time before Izobel came into our lives?! She is 10 months old today and I can’t remember her not being here.

6. I’m now aware of what my own Mother went through with me & my brother Lee! Not just when we were babies but as toddlers, through our teens and now we’re adults. A Mothers love never waivers.

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