6 ways I’ve changed since becoming a mother by Sara Haley (Mom of 3)


Meet 38 year old Sara Haley, a pre and postnatal exercise specialist, Blogger, YouTuber and influencer from Santa Monica, CA. Sara is a proud Mom to two boys, aged 6 and 3 and a brand new 3-week old little girl.

A personal hello from Sara…

Hi. I’m Sara, and I’m a mom of three. I’m best known for my expertise in pre and postnatal fitness (how to best exercise during pregnancy and motherhood), but my life and work is about so much more than that.

Six years ago when I had my oldest son, I traded my job traveling the world as a Reebok Master Trainer and working as a celebrity trainer and instructor in New York City for motherhood in Santa Monica, California. I had no idea that my passion for fitness and compassion for the challenges of motherhood would become such a rewarding niche. By exploring my site you will find that my life and work is about so much more than just “working out.” From my blog to YouTube videos to free challenges and products, I share my own experiences and tools to help you discover your own passions beyond motherhood, connect with other like-minded women, find new and creative ways to connect with your kids and ultimately take better care of you. I would be honored to be part of your motherhood journey. You can connect with me via email, my private Facebook group and on all social media @SaraHaleyFit.

Here’s how motherhood has changed Sara…

1. My life is no longer about me. That may seem obvious but for me it was a huge change. I always told people the reason I waited to have children was because I was too selfish. Becoming a mother has definitely made me more selfless.

2. Motherhood chilled me out. This is actually something I did not notice on my own until I had a few friends tell me that I was a “chill mom” I was. What I really think they mean is that I pick my battles. I hate hearing myself nag my boys so I try to limit it. I let the little things go and focus on the important stuff.

3. I found my fitness niche. Prior to having kids, I dabbled into a little bit of everything in the fitness industry, from dance to kickboxing to strength training, but I never had that one special thing that I was known for. Once I had my son and started focusing on pre and postnatal fitness, my passion for helping moms during pregnancy, post and beyond grew and I knew I’d found that “special thing.”

4. My workouts are less consistent. Before kids I worked out as often as I wanted to for however long I wanted to. Now it really has become a luxury. My goal is to workout 4-5 times a week but some days it’s 15 minutes and on better days it’s 45 minutes.

5. I eat more pizza than I ever have. LOL It’s true! Pizza used to be on my splurge list – now we eat it at least once a week!

6. I found my calling. Before kids, my husband used to ask me why I could never be content with what I was working on – why I was always searching for the next best thing. Once I had my first son, I never felt like that. I knew it’s what was missing from my life.

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Thank you Sara for letting us interview you!

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