6 ways I’ve changed since becoming a mother by Sarah @no_excuses_chick


30 year old Sarah Wilkins is mom to 2 beautiful girls, 1 week old newborn Avalon Eve (you read that right, 1 week old!) and 2½ year old toddler Eden. Sarah is a nutritionist and holds a BS in Food and Nutrition Science, she’s an author and owner of No Excuses Nutrition, providing expert nutrition and macro counselling, personalised meal plans, and healthy recipes.  Sarah lives in Idaho, United States with husband Rich and their 2 daughters.

In Sarah’s spare time (which isn’t much at the minute with a newborn!) she enjoys baking protein treats, snowboarding, riding horses and lifting weights.

Here’s how motherhood has changed Sarah…

1. I’ve learned (am learning) to love my body in all phases: super lean, soft and curvaceous, pregnant, muscular, thin… each phase represents different phases of learning and growth in my life.

2. I’ve learned to give up on “perfect.” I used to try to be the perfect coach, perfect mom, perfect wife, have the perfect body, perfectly clean house… it was exhausting! Now, I’ve learned to let the little things slide and just laugh about the chaos as part life. We do our best!

3. I’ve learned to go with the flow more. I used to hold myself to a very regimented schedule, but now, I have list of things to do each day. I place the most important tasks at the top of my list, while the rest fall into place whenever I find time.

4. I’ve learned that holding myself to somewhat of a schedule helps me to be more efficient and accomplish what’s most important. I set aside time every day for family time, work, housework, and training so that no area of life is neglected.

5. I’ve learned to be less selfish. When you’re a mom, most of your day revolves around your kids, not yourself. It’s shaped me into a more caring, giving person and I will always be thankful for that.

6. I’ve become more comfortable in my skin and who I am as a person: my character, my purpose, my relationships, and my desires for the future. I have lost that sense of insecurity and realised my strengths as part of this amazing journey of motherhood.

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