A day in the life of… Sarah Bivens (mama, wife, blogger, lifestyle coach)


Meet 28 year old Sarah Bivens, mama to 8 month old Maya, wife to Matthew, dog lover, blogger, balanced lifestyle coach and podcaster from Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah is an entrepreneur, co-host (with husband) of the podcast www.diahpodcast.com, a health and fitness enthusiast, lover of Harry Potter and Star Wars, and overall pretty cool mom.

She gave birth to Maya at home (through choice) and considers herself a ‘humble badass’.

Read further down as Sarah shares a typical day with us…

Feeling like a superwoman today so I wanted to share an image that captures what I’m feeling. This was taken almost a month after Maya was born. Giving myself the time and space to be creative and productive while feeding a baby. Why I feel like a superwoman: I’m managing a household, clients, raising a baby full-time and being intentional about taking time to refuel myself. Are the dishes always done? Ha, no. Is the laundry always done? Rarely. Do I forget appointments, deodorant and what day it is? Constantly. Have I tried to put clean clothes and dishes in the fridge before? Just twice this week so far. Even with all of that, I know I’m a badass and that I’m rocking this thing called life. Because I’m choosing to do so. What matters is my health, peace of mind, my values, my mission, my family, my passions. How many moms question their abilities everyday…whether or not they’re good moms?! Too many. These are the women who can (and often do) eat standing up with one hand (god it’s amazing what you learn to do while holding a child – they’re should be an Olympic sport made out of it). Who can tolerate their nipples being pulled, stretched, and twisted, awake and asleep! Women with MacGyver like skills to make things work or last. Women who always want to do what’s best, even when it isn’t the easiest. Ladies and gentlemen, we walk amongst superheroes every single day. Sometimes we just need the reminders. For me, being the best mom means being the best me. No matter the day, time or circumstance. The best, most loved, most complete me 💕✨ What makes you feel like a superhero?

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A typical day starts super early for Sarah, hubby Matthew and Maya!

3am: Nursing, rocking, going back to bed.

7-7:30am: Nursing, up for the day, family time in bed (sometimes back to sleep for another hour depending on hubby’s schedule if he can take the baby and let me rest a little bit longer).

7:30-9:30am: Morning planning, breakfast, intention setting, stretching, emails.

9:30-11am: On a great day, baby naps between this time for about an hour or so; while that happens we’re either recording for our podcast, I’m with a client, or general working on our businesses.

11am – 2pm: Hubby and I switch off taking care of the baby and working on our respective tasks. Depending on the day/schedule we might take a midday break for a family outing or lunch date.

2-3pm: Again, on a great day, another nap will happen during this timeframe. Living the life of entrepreneurs has its pros and cons. Pro here is that we make our schedules and depending on the day one of us is creating while the other is tending to baby, one of us could also be out for a run or at the gym working out.

4-6pm: Might go out for a family walk, and more switching back and forth between baby duty and work.

6pm: Bathtime with Daddy! It’s the cutest thing to watch them play in the tub. Since I’m breastfeeding, Maya and I get lots of quality time together. Bathtime is Daddy’s domain.

6:30pm: Baby goes down to sleep.

7-9pm: Hubby and I cook and eat dinner, watch something on Netflix (we love New Girl, Big Bang Theory and nerdy History channel specials).

9-11pm: Some days…uninterrupted “study hall” – usually emails, planning, brainstorming, other days…sexy time (gotta keep it spiced up and practice for future babies!).

11-11:30pm: Winding down for sleep – stretching, meditating, relaxing.

11:30pm-3am: hopefully solid sleep, sometimes there’s some wakeups and nursing sessions, we do our best to go with the flow.

Then, we do it all again.

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