My bump to baby journey by Becky Williams (aka @goodfortheswole)


Meet full-time mama, personal trainer and spin instructor Becky Williams from Gilbert, Arizona. 25 year old Becky is mama to 11 month old Piper and is currently almost 10 weeks pregnant with her second child. Congratulations Becky!

9️⃣ months with Piper in my belly…and now 9️⃣ months out 👶🏻😭. It’s weird to think that I’ve shared all of my pregnancy and postpartum journey on social media 😳. I gotta say, sometimes it’s scary, but I’ve been so inspired and motivated by you guys. 👆🏼 This has been my journey these past 18 months, but every one of us are at different stages, and regardless, ALL of our bodies are SO strong and capable. We, as women, are so strong and capable. Whether you’re trying to lose 100lbs, trying to gain 10lbs, are pregnant, trying to get pregnant (🙋🏻), newly postpartum, or just try’na be healthy – keep it up! Hard work always pays off, and our bodies deserve to be taken care of 💃🏻😎. (Pregnancy workout guide in bio 👶🏻)

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Becky’s interview…

Did you exercise whilst pregnant and if so what did you do?
Absolutely! I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy, and taught spin classes until I was 8 months pregnant. I also included a lot of strength training, prenatal yoga, and walking into my routine. I think it’s so important to stay active for the mother’s health, but more importantly, the baby’s health. It helped me fight the pregnancy fatigue, reduced the aches and pains, and helped keep me strong and capable for the delivery and recovery.

How much weight did you gain whilst pregnant?
I gained 21 pounds and had a healthy 7lb 5 oz baby girl.

How much weight did you lose right after giving birth? (if you can remember!)
I didn’t weigh myself, but at my 6 week postpartum appointment I was a couple of pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

How many weeks after giving birth did you start exercising?
I did very light, low impact pelvic floor strengthening exercises around 3 weeks postpartum, but didn’t start regularly exercising until I was cleared at my 6 week postpartum check up.

What sort of exercises did you start with and how often?
I started exercising 4-5x a week for 30 minutes. I did a mix of strength training and HIIT workouts.

Have you reached your target body shape or are you still working on getting there?
Yes, I have! I honestly believe staying active and fueling my body properly during pregnancy helped the most with my recovery process. My body is definitely different postpartum, and I think I will always have stretchier skin now, but I am happy with where my body is at and how it recovered, and I feel so lucky that I was able to get where I wanted to be before getting pregnant again.

What keeps you motivated?
My family. I want to be the best version of myself, and staying active helps me do that. Taking a little bit of time for myself helps me be a better mother and wife because I have more energy, I’m in a better mood, I feel better about myself, and I am able to give more of myself. I love knowing that I am setting a positive example to my daughter, and I hope she learns the importance of honouring and respecting her body.

Thank you very much Becky for letting us interview you! Xx

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