A day in the life of… Lisa Forster (mum, wife, marketer)


46 year old Lisa is mum to 11 month old Izzy Willow. Lisa runs a marketing company in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK and lives with husband Michael, dogs Colin (Border Collie), Frank (Bichon Frise) and cats Charlie, Aaron, Mickey Chips and Sneech.

Lisa works from a home office and luckily has help with Izobel from her own mum 3 days per week. Both Lisa and Michael share parenting at the weekends.

Lisa enjoys being a mum, spending time with Michael, swimming with Izzy and watching a good thriller or police drama on TV with a glass of red wine. As an ex-fitness instructor she enjoys keeping fit too.

Lisa shares a typical day with us… read more further down.

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A typical week day starts pretty early for Lisa.

6am: Izobel wakes around 6am, sometimes a little earlier. So we play for 10 minutes or so before getting up to shower and dress.

7-8am: Breakfast time. Michael is usually at his desk working now after walking our 2 dogs so I make the 3 of us breakfast and feed the dogs and cats.

8-9am: With breakfast over, I vacuum, tidy around and try to get a 10 minute bodyweight workout in. We occasionally have client meetings on the middle floor of our house (which we converted to an open plan home office space) to it’s important that we are tidy.

9-11am: Izobel plays for half an hour or so whilst I check emails. She then nurses and has an hour to 1.5 hour (if I’m lucky!) nap on my knee whilst I respond to emails. My ‘working’ day has officially started.

11am-5.30pm: On the 3 days when my own mum helps out I’m able to do client work in my office while Izobel plays with Granny and they go out for walks. I usually book any off-site client meeting within these 3 days too. Izobel is on formula during the day so I don’t have to worry about expressing. On the other 2 week days I take Izobel swimming on 1 of the days and we walk/run the 2.5 miles home and on the other day we spend the day together playing and doing outdoor workouts (weather permitting). Izobel usually naps for an hour somewhere between 3pm and 5pm in an afternoon.

5.30-6.30pm: Bathtime for Izobel. It usually takes an hour to get her bathed and ready for bed. She’s started to explore, crawl, squirm and be super wriggly so getting her nappy on and dressed for bed is a feat! We play for a while in her bedroom.

6.30-8pm: Play time with Daddy in the lounge then tea for us all. If Michael has been out working with clients I’ve usually prepped tea for us. If not, he cooks tea. The 3 of us eat together.

8-9pm: Izobel nurses and falls asleep while Michael and I watch TV. We know this isn’t ideal and plan on getting her to bed for 7.30pm by the time she’s a year old (next month).

9-9.30pm: Bedtime for me and Izobel. Michael stays up for an hour or so to spend time with our 2 dogs and wind down from the day.

9.30-10pm: Once in bed I wind down myself, check Instagram and Facebook, read the news and play the odd game of online poker. Izobel still sleeps in our room. Her cot is right next to my side of the bed making it easy to nurse through the night. She’ll be moving into her own room over the next couple of months.

10pm-1am: Solid sleep until maybe 1am then nursing for 10-15 minutes. If I’m lucky though she sleeps through till around 4am (ish) giving me a solid 6 hours sleep (this is pretty rare though!)

1.15am-4:15am: Solid sleep for another 3(ish) hours then nursing for 10-15 minutes. We haven’t got this ‘sleeping through the night’ sussed yet! Hopefully once she’s in her own room she’ll sleep better.

4:15am-6am: Sleep. It’s usually in this last stretch of sleep that I dream. No idea what that means though!

Then, we start again around 6am.

Weekends are different. We always try to have a Saturday off work, we walk the dogs, take Izobel into town or to one of our local parks with the dogs. Michael sometimes does a Saturday morning Park Run with Colin the Collie. I have a wander with Izobel and Frank the Bichon. But as we run our own businesses it’s tricky sometimes to switch off. Sundays are spent relaxing and working.

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