A day in the life of… Nadine Muller (mum, athlete, fitness blogger, nurse and wife)


Super busy 28 year old Nadine Muller is mum to 18 month old Madden, she’s a wife, a sponsored athlete, a certified personal trainer, a military registered nurse AND a fitness blogger.

Nadine lives in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia with her husband and son and here she shares a typical day with us.

A typical week day starts at 4.45am
Whether I like it or not my little one is much like his Mumma and likes to seize the day and be up at the crack of dawn – I’m not joking 4.45am is what I call the Madden-Alarm Clock.

To make for a smooth morning, the night before I’ve packed the car, breakfasts and lunches (thanks to weekend meal prep), have everything laid out to a T so our morning rush is ‘less-rushed’ for the lack of a better word.

I usually jump in for a morning session at my PT workplace (F45) at 4.45am or at my local 24hr gym and am back home no later than 6am, I quickly trade parenting with hubby so he can then head to work the second I’m back in the door – as he mostly trains afternoons or we sometimes do a switch, either way we make it work, we are one hell of team!

I sneak in as many kisses and cuddles in whilst feeding Madden his breakfast and getting us both ready before dropping him into daycare by 6.30am in order for me to get to my nursing shift in the Emergency Department by 7am through to 15:30hrs.

And ends at 9pm
After that, depending on what day of the week it is, a few nights a week I put my PT hat on and start at 4pm and work until about 8pm, the other arvo’s/night’s I head straight home from my nursing shift, pick up Madden from day care and have family time until lights are out (usually around 9pm) and we do it all over again for the working week!!

Weekends are very much about my boys and I and we try to keep relatively active but with the main focus on quality time together and catching up on housework, grocery shopping and food prepping so we can go in prepared for the week ahead! Days are hectic and nights are short, and I guess I’m very much still finding my ‘balance’, if there is ever such a thing, I’ve sought advice and support from my other working mumma friends on IG and it’s so nice to not feel alone on the days that I’m JUST keeping my head above water!

[FAMILY TIME] In today’s busy world its surprising how absent-minded we can be from time to time… We tend to think of the next thing, the last thing or the worst thing, anything but the very thing we’re actually supposed to be engaged with at that very moment! For me learning to be mindful begins with turning down the pace, looking around at the beautiful world that surrounds me, the loving people I get to do life alongside, paying attention to what’s happening in the given moment and soaking it ALL up! Often easier said than done, especially in and amongst our often chaotic lives … So tonight it’s a big family night for us as we celebrate Madden’s great-grandmothers grand 80th birthday celebrations with family travelling from all over to attend, some of whom are yet to meet Madden, so it’s very exciting and heartwarming to say the least! Definitely going to soak up this grand occasion with our loved ones … Have a lovely Saturday night Kings & Queens! ❤️ … SWIPE RIGHT MADDEN IS BEER OBSESSED, ANY LEFT UNATTENDED ARE NOT SAFE . . . ______________________________________________________ #truth #wordstoliveby #support #womenshealth #picoftheday #family #birthday #inspire #motivate #encourage #women #mumlife #stronglikeamum #goddess #queen #quote #wisdom #you #instadaily #mywhf #rawfitspo #instagood #smile #calltoaction #think #livesimply

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