Lower body workout by fit mum @deliciouslyfitnhealthy [video]


Online personal trainer and mum of 3 Andrea Allen aka @deliciouslyfitnhealthy doing a lower body workout (with her youngest in tow) that can be done anywhere. No excuses here.

Watch the video below.

Lower Body Beat down..kettle bell style…ok I cheated and have one dumbbell exercise in there but whatev! These are mix of glute, quad, hamstring, and calf exercises and strength stuff is sped up to time and half so they are slower. Always remember weights are you friends🏋🏼‍♀️. That’s how you build lean muscle and get Definition. I do lift heavier for my legs too but I also do resistance training exercises mixed with plyos like this circuit which I like to share and can be done most anywhere. You can do all these moves with a dumbbells as well but Don’t pick up a 10 pound dumbbell and think it’s heavy enough.. deal? I have really been working on building my glutes and the first move I have fallen in love with. I found it on @bretcontreras1 page and I actually feel all the work in just the booty! It’s a single leg dead lift BUT you can lift more and get down in it and concentrate on the glute because your balanced compared to a regular single leg Romanian dead lift. I had knee surgery years ago and the Doctor took a ligament out of my right hamstring so that leg is always a little weaker. Working your muscles bilaterally helps balance them out when one side is weaker as well. For this move make sure you engaged your stable leg glute on the way up! And on the squat heel raise be prepared to work your shoulders and abs as well. 5 sets 12 reps or 30-45 seconds of each Single leg abductor deadlifts (glutes, hamstrings) Side leap holds(quads,inner thigh) Sumo Squat High Pulls (hamstrings, quads, glutes) Narrow squat heel raises (quads, abs, calves) Weighted jump squats (hamstrings, quads, glutes) Curtsy Lunge (hamstrings, quads, glutes)

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