An interview with mum of twins Rowena Wood


Our interview today is with the inspiring Rowena ‘Rolo’ Wood. Rowena is also known as x_miss_fitness_mummy_rolo_x on Instagram.

26 year old Rowena is full time mum to twins Max and Millie (almost 3 years old) and lives in Uckfield, East Sussex in the UK. Rowena is an ambassador for sports nutrition brand Protein Dynamix.

Rowena’s Interview…

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it that you workout and why? (10 being very important).
Fitness for me is 10/10 after suffering with severe post natal depression and anxiety I found my journey into fitness! Not only did I lose 5 stone but I found happiness again!

Did you work out during your pregnancy? If not why not?
No before my pregnancy I always yo-yo dieted! I was in shape, just skinny or large!

How much time do you dedicate to exercising each week?
3-5 hours in the gym and more at home with my little ones.

What keeps you motivated when you’re tired or the little ones have worn you out?
If I don’t have the energy to get to the gym I take pre workout from my sponsor @proteindynamix this gives me the kick I need!

Do you follow a super clean diet or just eat sensibly?
I eat clean during the week and allow one cheat night a week to keep me on track!

What does a typical day look like for you?
Being a twin mum there isn’t a typical day! Sometimes they wake at 5am sometimes they wake at 7:30am 🙈 but as a standard routine we have breakfast together, get ready for nursery and go. I always feel I’m the last one out of the door! I then have 3 hours to get the house back into tip top shape again, make food for the little ones lunch and get a gym session in before picking them up from nursery! In the afternoons we often go out for walks or to the park for a play! Or if it’s raining we get to an indoor play centre… I love to join in! Then it’s back home and time for dinner! Reading and learning time before a bath and into bed!

What do you find is your biggest struggle? Food, exercise, time, motivation?
My biggest struggle is all of the above because if you let one part fail the rest fails with it!

What is the best part of your day?
I love the mornings and having a morning workout is the best as I feel more energised in the morning.

Finally, if you could give one piece of advice to new mums or mums-to-be what would it be?
I’d tell them that it’s okay to not “snap back” it took me a long time to get into shape again after having my twins! I felt pressure all of the time even during pregnancy to get my body back! There’s so much pressure to do it but I really think slow and steady wins the race.

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