My bump to babies journey by mum of twins Rowena Wood


Meet 26 year old Rowena ‘Rolo’ Wood, a full time mum to (almost) 3 year old twins Max and Millie. Rowena lives in Uckfield, East Sussex in the UK.

Before Rowena gave birth to the twins she wasn’t into fitness at all and now she is an ambassador for the sports nutrition brand Protein Dynamix. Now that’s impressive!

We chatted to Rowena about her bump to babies journey… have a read about her experience further down.

❤💪I’ve finally found a pic of me after pregnancy, this was hard for me as I didn’t want any pics being taken of me after having babies!! because I was embarrassed about my body! I had gained around 5stone / 31kilos & I was a uk size 16-18 my tummy was just roll after roll of fat loose and saggy kangaroo pouch skin! I suffered with severe pnd and anxiety after giving birth so some days it was an achievement for me was to leave my house! I was very blessed that I had such a supportive family and friends around me to help me through! Getting to where I am today hasn’t been easy in fact it’s been so hard! I’m now a single mummy of twins after a break up with my husband last year, although he is still an amazing father to our twins!! Finding time to exercise and train at the gym has been tougher then ever some days! I’ve been tired & emotional but I have found the gym to be a realise for me! On the days I can’t train in the gym I work out in my house or garden with my children! They are and always will be my biggest motivation ❤💪

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Rowena’s interview…

Did you exercise whilst pregnant and if so what did you do?
Nothing. I wasn’t into fitness at all before giving birth.

How much weight did you gain whilst pregnant?
5 stone (almost 32kg).

How much weight did you lose right after giving birth? (if you can remember!)
About a stone and a half (just over 3kg).

How many weeks after giving birth did you start exercising?
Around a year.

What sort of exercises did you start with and how often?
I started by walking, doing sit ups and planks.

Have you reached your target body shape or are you still working on getting there?
I’m still getting there.

What keeps you motivated?
Knowing how it makes me feel when I’ve finished my workout. It’s a great feeling and the results are even better!

Thank you Rowena for this insight into your bump to babies journey! We’re sure this will inspire lots of other mums.

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