Our review of the Cake Maternity Zest Nursing Sports Bra


Zest Sports Nursing Bra – introduction

Cake Maternity design supportive and comfortable pregnancy and nursing wear. Today we are reviewing the Lemon Zest Sports Nursing Bra designed specifically to allow pregnant and breastfeeding Mums to stay supported during exercise and nurse easily.

The Zest Sports Nursing Bra is a supportive, high impact sports nursing bra for active Mums. It avoids bust compression that regular sports bras seem to have, which is essential so as not to damage lactating breasts.

About our reviewer

Name. Lisa
Age. 47
Age of youngest child. 12 months
Breastfeeding? Yes
Usual bra size. 36D
Cake Maternity sports bra size. 36D
Location. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Mum of one Lisa is an ex-fitness instructor who now runs a marketing company in Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Lisa enjoys running with daughter Izobel, walking, swimming and HIIT. Read more about Lisa here.

Quick look: pro’s and con’s

Excellent support when working out, beautifully packaged.
I'd love to see the bra in another colour... perhaps a Fuchsia pink 🙂

Zest Sports Nursing Bra – our review

In this review of the Lemon Zest Sports Nursing Bra by Cake Maternity we’ll cover 12 areas of testing. We’ll dive right into our review here with the 12 different areas we tested.

1. Overall Quality
Fantastic. From my parcel arriving to washing and wearing again. The unboxing experience was that of a luxury product. It was beautifully packaged and labelled. The quality of the bra itself is outstanding. This bra will last me for years, and I’ll continue to wear it after I’ve finished breastfeeding.

2. Sizing
The sizing guide on the Cake Maternity website sized me a little smaller than the bra size I usually wear. So I ordered the same size as I’m used to and it fits perfectly.

3. Fit
No complaints, it fitted really well. There are 6 different positions on the fastening at the back to make the bra tighter or looser.

4. Fastening (front/back/other)
Rear fastening that can be converted to a racer back. I tested it with the straps in the standard bra position and they were fine. Sometimes I find that my bra straps can rub on my shoulder blades but these didn’t.

5. Wired / Non-wired?
Underwired but you wouldn’t know from wearing it.

6. Easy to put on
Very, you just put it on like you would a normal bra.

7. Overall Comfort – before, during and after exercise.
Very – I wore this bra for a whole day during the first day of testing! It’s a really comfortable sports nursing bra that provides excellent support and comfort during high impact activities like jogging and HIIT as well as low impact activities like walking and stretching… ideal for the likes of yoga and pilates. It remained comfortable for hours after I’d worked out too, until I showered before bed.

8. Chest movement when exercising
I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of bust movement, especially when jogging. It actually performed better than my most supportive pre-pregnancy sports bra. I WILL continue to wear it when I’ve finished breastfeeding and have already binned my usual running bra.

9. Easy to nurse wearing
It was actually really discreet to breastfeed wearing this bra as the design supports the bust at both sides (A-frame support)… sometimes it’s just the outside side-sling supports the breast when the drop-down cup is removed for breastfeeding. So there’s a neat gap big enough to feed a hungry baby.

10. Pocket for nursing pad/does it stay put
Not applicable with this nursing bra.

11. Sweat/moisture wicking
The fabric is breathable and absorbed sweat efficiently keeping me cool throughout my workout and beyond.

12. How it washes
The label recommends hand washing only however I washed it at 30 degrees (and a low spin) with no loss of shape, colour or size.

Zest Sports Nursing Bra – summary

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Fit
  • Breastfeeding access
  • Value for money


An excellent sports bra for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Super supportive, comfortable, high quality, washes well, easy nursing access and nice looking. I'd love to see the bra come in an additional colour or two.